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Description of the visit

Granada recovered an ancient tradition: the hammam, offering a new bathroom concept focused on general body care, keeping the peaceful atmosphere and the simple refinement inherited from Al-Andalus.

The bathrooms consist of three pools, one of cold water, warm water and hot water in which you can, during the hour and a half session, soaking in the murmur of water intermixed with notes of jasmine, taste tea mint and lost in a sea of arches and vaults while enjoying a soothing massage with scents.

Observations of the visit

  • It is recommended to hydrate every so often with tea or water.
  • It is advised not to stay more than 10 minutes in the hot thermal bath or steam room to avoid brownouts.
  • The entry will not allow children under 5 years.

Available services

  • Only Bath

    Price: Adults 26 € / Children (6-14 and older) 21 €.

    Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Free tour of the hot, warm and cold baths, recreating the original structure andalusí hammam. The steam room closes the cycle, you can repeat as many times you want the duration of the session. Between baths, relax in the relaxation room.

  • Bath and relaxing massage

    Price: Adults 36 € / Children (6-14 years) 31 €.

    Duration:Approximately 15 minute massage (included in 1h 30 'duration).

    It is applied slowly with a firm and progressive pressure on the back, legs or both areas with the aim of providing a sense of calm. When applied with essential oils, it moisturizes the skin and provides a pleasant experience. Our masseuse will ask you if you want to receive massage on the legs, back or both areas.

  • Bath and relaxing massage double

    (subject to availability)

    Doble Duration: 30 minutes.

    Price: Adults 46 € / Children (6-14 years) 41 €.

    After the massage you can continue your swim in the cold, hot and warm, always rooms and if you have not finished the bathroom.

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Customer Testimonials

  • Translation | This past weekend, we were at the Alhambra accompanied by your guide Inmaculada Marin, serve these lines to witness the kindness and the good work of Immaculate at all times, for all that we congratulate them and thank them. Greetings Manuel Fernandez and the rest of the group

    Manuel Fernández Dominguez

  • Translation | Dear Sirs. I must say that we really enjoyed the visit and would like to take this opportunity to thank the effectiveness in solving the error dates Mr. Alfonso Rios, who immediately we sought a solution and sent the fax confirmation to our hotel. Thank you for this way of working. So glad.

    Juan Alba Navarro

  • Translation | Dear Sirs: Serve these lines of thanks and congratulations to the work of the guide, José Antonio Puerto Ortuño last Tuesday, April 14, we lead by Palacios Nazaries night visit to the Alhambra, part of our history. His explanations, rigorous, entertaining, not without interest, curiosity, controversy ... transported us to the past with the closeness of living them at that time if only in memories.

    Jesús-Javier Pérez Sánchez


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